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Windsor, Ontario has been a pillar of Canada's auto industry and is home to a rich industrial complex. A rising dollar, emerging international competition, and lagging investment in innovation threaten the very existence of the industry on the Great Lakes. Accelerating innovation and technology adoption among integrated industrial players is critical if the auto industry intends to capture opportunities related to newly mandated efficiency regulations in the US and emerging competition from abroad.

The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation hired Invoke to facilitate a meeting of key stakeholders to identify, and create consensus on, goals and strategies for a neutral and not-for-profit International Composite Centre that leverages Ontario’s strengths in its global markets.

"The involvement of Jeremy Heigh in our research proposal planning activities was invaluable," said Dr. Peter Frise, Executive Director of Automotive Research and Studies, University of Windsor and CEO of Auto 21. "Jeremy was able to draw out the real needs and perspectives of each of the parties in the consortium and bring them to the fore so that people could exchange views in an effective manner."

Peter McCormack, North America Sales Manager for Dieffenbacher Group and champion of the consortium commented on the sessions saying, "Invoke moderated a strong group of industrialists, members of government and academia. The planning demonstrated a good sense of forethought and allowed for all parties to have an active voice within the fast-paced session."

In the end close to ten industrial partners and government agencies agreed to move forward with the concept. If realized, the proposed Centre could provide a much needed injection of new market potential and hopefully inspire a seemingly rudderless North American auto industry.