What We Do

Invoke Ventures Ltd. creates tools for due diligence, competitive intelligence, and foresight.

These tools help us aggregate and sift data to provide always-on, analytical capacity to investors and companies seeking investment.

We leverage real-time intelligence and foresight to identify gaps, facilitate transitions, and execute strategies.

Who We Are

Jeremy Heigh is Invoke's principal economist. He has an MSc in environmental economics and a broad range of experience in international negotiations, national policy design, corporate strategy, venture investment, and startups.

Whenever possible, Invoke includes specialized capacities in chemistry, biology, psychology, industrial ecology, and economics as well as industry experts in agriculture, forestry, composite materials, and environmental technologies to complement our own in-house capacity.

The company has operated since 2002.

Where We Work

Our offices are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Most of our clients are in the province but we do work across the country and internationally. We are actively looking for opportunities in Australia and New Zealand; Ireland and Scotland; and Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.